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High performance balanced diaphragm 1st stage
2 high pressure ports, 4 low pressure ports.
High performance balanced 2nd stage. High grade silicone mouthpiece. ABS/Polycarbonate housing. Soft touch purge cover.
XCalibur 2nd Stage Octopus (39" hose)
High performance balanced 2nd stage. Neon yellow cover for maximum visibility. High grade silicone mouthpiece.
pressure gauge
Pressure Gauge.
Brass case, 660 ft. depth-resisting glass
combo gauge
Mini 2 and 3 gauge consoles.
Depth gauge includes maximum depth indicator, glow-in-the-dark face, 220' maximum depth. Compass has large bezel and double magnet for quicker and more precise reading.
wrist compass
Includes optional hose mount. Side or top reading window, 360 degree rotating bezel, extra long wrist strap.


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