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DIVEmar inc. - Manufacturer and Distributor of Professional SCUBA Equipment
Manufacturer and Distributor of Professional Scuba Equipment

MARA Miniature Ascent Rate Alarm

Sea Sport Masks, snorkels and accessories

diveX Regulators, gauges and buoyancy compensators

Epoque Underwater Cameras Capture the beauty of the underwater world.

Ankl weights Description of Durward Ankl-Weights

Port-O-Tank Scuba Tank Carriers

Wetsuits and Neoprene Accessories Manufactured in Canada for DIVEmar inc.

McNett Aquaseal Products Absolutely essential accessories for scuba diving

Divemaster Strobe Lights Perfect buddy light, marks shore entry point, anchor line marker

DCIEM Dive Tables Ideal for entry level or resort divers making no-decompression dives

Mini Fox 40 Whistle Because it's unaffected by water, the Fox 40 is an ideal watersports whistle

AquaSkins Nylon/Spandex 4 way stretch. Ideal for warm water diving

Pelican Products The world's most technically advanced lighting products and equipment protection cases

Cressi-sub The world's largest primary dive equipment manufacturer


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