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Fox 40 "Pea-Less" Whistles Vs Pea Whistles

The Fox 40 "Classic" Whistle has been scientifically measured at 115 decibels. Its penetrating sound enables it to cut through obstructive - ambient noise more efficiently than traditional whistles. The Fox 40's high pitched - piercing "trill" has been heard well over a mile away.

To create a whistle's sound, a "pea" whistle requires a pea, or ball, to move rapidly within its drum-like hollow cavity. Its pea can be prevented from vibrating due to a variety of things, including a build-up of moisture, water, saliva, or dirt. In a panic situation, a pea whistle can fail simply by blowing it too hard, causing the pea to jam, up against its cavity wall.

The Fox 40 "pea-less" whistle has no internal movable parts to obstruct its sound or to stick, freeze or jam up from over--blowing. Producing a more efficient sound, the Fox 40's patented three chamber design moves forced-air in and out of its three tuned chambers. The harder one blows, the louder the sound. Your cannot over-blow a Fox 40 Whistle!

Most pea whistles have an inner ball made of cork. Cork will swell up and deteriorate with moisture. The most common cause of a pea's deterioration is from the user's own saliva build -up. The Fox 40 Whistle does not have this problem. Its body and internal parts are injection moulded high impact A.B.S. plastic which allows a Fox 40 to be immersed into water without a possibility of deterioration or failure, With today's concerns with cross-contamination, its material and design characteristics enable it to be disinfected agai.,ist unwanted bacteria.

After surfacing frozen under water, the Fox 40 Whistle's flow through design allows it to clear its chambers instantly, enabling it to sound immediately and without distortion. As an emergency sound signalling device, this makes the Fox 40 ideal as an attachment for life-jackets, sirvival suits, diving equipment, as well as for high risk water craft. snow mobiles, wilderness activities and general outdoor equipment. The Fox 40 is a multi-purpose; signalling device that is small enough to attach to every-day keys, life-liacket, or personal gear, and requires neither batteries or fuel to operate.


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