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Simply The Best Whistle In the World
Patented 3-chamber design.Pealess whistle with the penetrating sound


The Fox 40 is the brainchild of veteran North American basketball referee, Ron Foxcroft, who wanted to overcome the two big deficiencies of the conventional pea whistle:
  • It can't be heard clearly over a noisy crowd.
  • It can't be heard at all if the whistle is overblown, causing the pea to stick in the whistle.

    Convinced that a "trilling" pealess whistle was possible, Ron asked a leading industrial designer to work with him on what he thought would be a simple project.

    However, the design problems were complex. It took three and a half years of extensive development and testing before the Fox 40 was ready for introduction in 1987.

    The fully-evolved product is more than a whistle. It's a finely tuned instrument that offers distinct advantages over the conventional "pea" whistle.


    Why the Fox 40 is simply the best.

  • Its high-pitched "trill" is more intense, and more penetrating. The Fox 40 cuts through crowd noise better than any other whistle. It can be heard over long distances, too.
  • Cannot be overblown. The harder you blow, the louder the sound!
  • Longer life, because there's no pea to collect dirt and bacteria. An occassional rinse with water is the only care needed.

  • The Mini Fox 40 blows up a storm with these boldly-coloured safety whistles.
    Ideal size for key rings.

    Choice of black, blue, teal, white, red, yellow, orange, pink, green, and purple.

    The Fox 40 is so effective and so easy to carry and use that people around the world are finding new applications for it almost every day.

    An effective safety and protection device.
    Originally developed for the professional referee market, the Fox 40 has been widely accepted for safety and protection in many situations and locations. Examples:

    (because it's unaffected by water, the Fox 40 is an ideal watersports whistle)

    hunting * fishing
    boating * cycling
    walking, jogging, and hiking
    streetproofing children
    underground parking garages

    Suggested Retail $6.50 Cdn. $6.50 U.S.

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