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Wetsuits - Care & Maintenance

To receive the best results in maintaining insulation and suit life, the folowing methods of care and maintenance are recommended.

  1. The entire suit should be thoroughly washed after the dive. We recommend Aquaseal brand Wetsuit Shampoo for general cleaning, and Aquaseal Degreaser for tougher stains. Both are specially formulated to clean deeply with no ill effect to the suit material.
  2. All suits should be stored on a hanger specially designed for wet or dry suits. We especially recommend the Flex Fashion Hanger.
  3. Do not store suits rolled or folded. Hang as above in a cool dry place.
  4. Avoid diving in areas polluted with gas, oil or other chemicals, but if you must and the suit becomes soiled, clean immediatly with shampoo and degreaser in warm - not hot - water and rinse thoroughly. Remember - the sooner it is cleaned, the better the results.
  6. When transporting the suit rolled or folded, make sure the zipper is not pressed directly against the other suit materials as this can produce scarring.
  7. Storing the suit out of direct sunlight reduces the speed and degree of fading.
Following these pointers will enhance the life of your dive suit.

DID YOU KNOW that a wetsuit when not used frequently will lose its elasticity. If it seems that your suit has shrunk, just let it soak in warm water for 6 to 8 hours and hang to dry.

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