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Durward Ankl Weights


Drysuit divers find that ANKL-WEIGHTS minimize the effect of the shift of air inside a drysuit. This makes control of the lower body easier, facilitating swimming with the feet in any desired position. Because of the reduced tendancy of the feet to float, there is no need to keep feet lower than the rest of the body (such "plowing" is less efficient than horizontal swimming). Back stress due to the "hammock effect" caused by the buoyancy in the legs and the weight belt is greatly reduced. Rapid flow of air into the feet is restricted minimizing the tendancy for fins to pop off when inverted.

Wetsuit divers with back problems find that the use of ANKL-WEIGHTS alleviates back stress due to the "hammock effect". In addition many divers have problems with their lower body floation. This is often noticeable with women who tend to have a higher percentage of body fat in their lower bodies but many men complain of floating legs as well.

Surface swimming in any kind of exposure suit is made more efficient when fins are kept in the water. ANKL-WEIGHTS neutralize the buoyancy in the legs and allow the fins to remain in the water.

Instructors find many uses for ANKL-WEIGHTS . Many instructors take one or two extra pair of weights to open water to make last minute buoyancy adjustments without the necessity of removing students' weight belts to add weight. ANKL-WEIGHTS may be clipped around students' ankles, around the weight belt, or on tank handles or straps. Instructors have found that pool instruction is made easier through the use of ANKL-WEIGHTS. Wearing ANKL-WEIGHTS without an exposure suit makes the feet slightly negativly buoyant. Most instructional time in the pool is spent with the instructor kneeling or standing on the pool bottom and the use of ANKL-WEIGHTS makes this an easy position to assume and maintain without making finning difficult.

Divers have found many special uses for ANKL-WEIGHTS. Photographers wearing light exposure suits find that the slight negative buoyancy in their lower body achieved by the use of ANKL-WEIGHTS makes it easier to remain stable on the bottom in a comfortable picture-taking pose. Photographers also find that ANKL-WEIGHTS give their models better control of their body position underwater. Current divers appreciate the extra stability gained by a more efficient distribution of weight. Some tropical divers (with slim waists) link two ANKL-WEIGHTS together as a weight belt.

ANKL-WEIGHTS are manufactured using form fitting comfortable lead shot in a stretchy rubber and fabric sleeve. Fastening is provided by sturdy, secure, Delrin buckles which can be released with one hand.
Available in REGULAR or LONG. Colors: Black, Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Turquoise.

CANADIAN PATENT # 1,186,710.

REGULAR:Fits most divers (11" to 13" ankles). About 3.3 lb. (1.5 kg.) per pair.
LONG: Ankle sizes 13" to 15" About 3.9 lb. (1.75 KG.) per pair.

Ankle measurements taken snugly over suit. ANKL-WEIGHTS do not require any special care. Rinse in fresh water when your diving day is over, hang by one end to drain and dry, and store in a cool, dry place.


The use of ANKL-WEIGHTS permits a diver to remove some of the weight from the weight belt. However, enough weight should be left on the weight belt so that removal of the belt (even at depth) remains an effective emergency procedure.

Manufactured in Canada by DIVEmar inc.

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